Battle over ‘party house’


Upset Arthurs Point residents are battling to stop a ‘problem’ holiday house getting sign-off for more guest-nights.

Landlord Campbell Bevan has applied for resource consent to enable his firm Amazing Properties Ltd to book out 17 Mathias Terrace year-round, rather than for just 90 days.

But neighbours at four of the five surrounding homes object – saying they’re already regularly subjected to drunken louts partying to the early hours.

They claim some guests are screaming obscenities, smashing bottles, throwing objects into their gardens, and even stealing flowers.

Bevan counters, telling Mountain Scene there’s only been two noise complaints in two years. If he doesn’t get consent it’ll be worse for neighbours as he’ll rent out the house with no conditions.

Neighbour Zane Kaihe says: “We are opposing the application because this is a family-orientated, hard-working local community in a low-density residential zone.”

Queenstown property owners must get council approval if they want to book paying guests for more than 90 days a year.

Neighbours Don and Lynda Millar, Guy and Dominique Botte, and Brian and Emma McAtamney also oppose the application.

Bevan applied for a maximum of 14 occupants for between three nights and three months at a time.

But he’s volunteered to drop the maximum occupancy to 12 people, remove the stereo, employ a 24-hour property manager, and develop a management plan.

Bevan says two particular neighbours have rallied against him and blown matters “out of proportion”.

But if the application’s denied he’ll combine short-term holiday house tenancies with three month-plus fully-furnished tenancies.

He says that’ll be “catastrophic” for neighbours - and not his wish.