Bankrupt Nielsen may be linked to firm accuser


Fresh allegations are believed to link bankrupt Rod Nielsen to the running of a surviving Queens­town company. 

The accusations come from local Nielsen adversary Duncan Brown, who’s hounding the failed developer over his Heritage Villas complex up Fernhill. 

Brown’s lawyer has had a series of emails from someone signing himself as Nielsen – Brown, who believes they 
are incriminating, has forwarded them to the Insolvency and Trustee Service. 

The emails are dated between December 20 last year and June 4 this year. 

One is signed “Rod Nielsen, consultant to Little Rock Management”, a company owning management rights to the 36 Heritage Villas. 

“The emails appear to show Rod Nielsen still behaving as a director of Little Rock,” Brown alleges. 

Nielsen, bankrupted in September last year for almost $17 million, is automatically prohibited from running a business and stepped down as Little Rock director on October 16. 

But his wife Sirene Millar replaced him the same day. 

Little Rock is tendering its Heritage management rights, a move Brown and 24 other villa owners are trying to block. 

They blame Nielsen for leaving them two potentially large liabilities – $500,000 for landscaping and $100,000 to replace a hot water system built on adjoining land without consent. 

Last December, Nielsen – if it is him – emailed the villa body corporate lawyer advising that Little Rock was selling its management rights and asking him to get villa owners’ approval. 

Nielsen told the villa owners’ lawyer he was also in weekly contact with the owners of the adjoining land. 

“I am more than happy to broker a deal [to get consent for the hot water system from the landowners]”, he said.
In February, Nielsen emailed the villa lawyer again, this time as consultant to the company owning the adjoining land, spelling out the framework of the hot-water consent and adding that even if Little Rock management rights didn’t sell – which they didn’t at the time – “the offering of the [consent] still stands”. 

But the most recent email of June 4 – signed by Nielsen as Little Rock consultant and copied in to Brown’s lawyer – rescinds that offer. 

With Brown “disclosing confidential information” to Mountain Scene, “we’ve been left with no choice but to withdraw this offer for the time being”, the author says. 

“I’d suggest [villa owners] start to make urgent plans to access your own hot water supply.” 

Nielsen accuses Brown of a “publicity stunt”, “misinformation”, “continued leaking of incorrect negative information” and “unwarranted media attention”. 

Karen de Swardt, Nielsen’s Insolvency and Trustee Service case officer, won’t comment on the emails but says “all information received is investigated”. 

She’s previously confirmed Nielsen has permission to live in the United States. 

One email contains a US landline number where Nielsen said he could be contacted. 

Several calls by Mountain Scene, both in business hours and after hours, were met with a recorded message 
saying the unnamed subscriber wasn’t taking calls at that time.