App-reciating activity


The former manager of the Queenstown Events Centre still wants you to be active - but this time he’s invented a 30-day fitness challenge app to help you out.

Andrew Tingate, who now runs a recreation centre on Australia’s Gold Coast, is globally launching an updated
version of his and his brother Peter’s Active Time app during a ski holiday in Queenstown this week.

The free smartphone app challenges users to do 30 minutes of physical activity every day, as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Tingate: “You might be able track your activity on other apps but you can’t put a plan in there and say, ‘right, I want to do 30 days of activity and I want to lose 5kg’.”

He says the app’s targeted at inactive people - ”it doesn’t matter what they do, they might just go for a walk for 30 minutes”. 

Once their first 30 days are up, users may choose a more physical challenge, like running.

Tingate introduced one-day international cricket to the Events Centre during his five years in charge, leaving in
2006 just before the aquatic centre was built.

He was impressed to see the centre’s Alpine Health & Fitness gym during a visit last Saturday.

“It was exactly how I envisaged it when we were planning things, with the big windows looking out over the oval.”