All the tell-tale signs on show


An admission – I’ve been to titty bars before … aka strip clubs. 

I’ve got a few friends who have worked in them – so that’s the only reason I’ve gone. You know, moral support. Oh, and there was one time when I was on a mate’s stag do. Oh, and maybe there was another time when I was drunk and bored. 

Anyway, the point is I’m fairly aware of some of the tell-tale signs of a titty bar, sorry strip club. And despite Adam Nagy, the owner of new adult entertainment venue Club 88, telling Mountain Scene last week: “We’re not a strip club, we’re not a titty bar”, I have to respectfully disagree. 

I went to the opening on Saturday night, because it was my professional duty after we did a story last week – to, you know, confirm it one way or the other. 

Now, granted, I didn’t stay that long – maybe half an hour. But in that brief period, I did come across a number of signs that strongly indicated this was pretty much a run-of-the-mill, garden variety strip club. 

The first sign was the stag do I ran into as soon as I walked into the joint. The second sign was that the place was stacked with guys (although, at times, that’s not an unusual occurrence at some Queenstown bars). The third sign was the shiny floor-to-ceiling pole situated approximately in the middle of the venue. The fourth – and most obvious – sign, however, was the tall, topless brunette gyrating around the pole in nothing more than a green g-string. 

There’s obviously a demand – the place was packed. But that could have just been the, excuse the pun, titillation of it being a new place. 

One of my friends had a brief chat to one of the “dancers” who confessed it was her first time on the pole and she’d managed to get the gig after a brief chat and sending in some photos. 

Ah well – it can’t be any worse than the previous occupier of the site who was done for running a sophisticated credit 
card cloning operation, and ripped off locals by getting their pin codes at the bar.