Bus hell victim to go to police


The Queenstown victim of a Connectabus hell ride plans laying a formal complaint with police. 

Clare Holden, 48, was left a bloodied mess after being thrown four metres when a bus driver slammed on the brakes during her night-time journey with friends from Arrowtown to Queenstown. 

Connectabus boss Ewen McCammon welcomes Holden’s move since “we just want to get the matter sorted as well”. 

Holden and her friends’ version and that of the driver are “miles apart”, McCammon says, adding incident reports had been filed with police the following morning. 

McCammon says: “The full facts have not been disclosed and we would rather leave it to the police to sort the matter out.” 

Holden says a sorry from Connectabus after the January 21 incident – first reported in Mountain Scene last week – would’ve been nice. 

“If they’d done that at the start, it wouldn’t have gone so far.” 

Holden’s also laid a complaint with the New Zealand Transport Agency, which is still investigating. 

Last week, McCammon told Mountain Scene: “From our driver’s statement, we felt that we were the ones who were owed an apology, but we are very sorry that somebody got hurt.” 

The “conscientious” driver had handed in his resignation on January 10 – prior to the incident – and has since left the job, McCammon says.