Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom


Sit down and make a plan of how you want your finished bathroom to look. Starting a project without being certain of what you want will almost surely lead to a waste of precious time and money. You can start your bathroom decorating project by removing old cabinetry and installing new ones. The trend in bathroom furniture these days is that the smaller, the better. This is in line with the idea that bathrooms should provide an open and relaxing atmosphere as opposed to one that is too cramped and cluttered. If you still have the old bulky cabinets and vanities of previous years, they can definitely go.>

Once the new cabinets are installed, you will probably see unsightly patches where the old ones have been removed. Instead of just painting the patches to even out the wall, take this as an opportunity to repaint the entire bathroom. You will be buying a can of paint anyway, so why not use it on the entire bathroom wall?

And then there’s the bathroom floor. Changing the bathroom flooring may not always be necessary but if you absolutely have to, choose ceramic tiles or laminates that can endure high humidity. These bathroom flooring types last a lifetime, unlike hardwood flooring that might look nice but is easily damaged by the heat and humidity in the bathroom.

You can also save a lot of money by keeping your existing toilet, shower, and bathtub. Replacing these bathroom fixtures not only mean you have to buy new ones but it also means you have to hire a professional plumber to install them. Needless to say, the expenses can rack up pretty quickly with these bathroom remodelling projects. So unless your toilet and shower are hopelessly broken, it is always better to keep them. As for bathtubs, if you are tempted to have yours replaced simply because it doesn’t look good anymore, consider having it resurfaced. You will have to hire a professional to do the job but the fee for bathroom resurfacing will only be a fraction of the cost of buying a new one and having it installed.

After all the major bathroom fixtures have been done, you can turn your focus on the decorative elements in the bathroom next. For instance, you can change your doorknobs, cabinet handles and towel racks to make them match the new look of the room. You can find inexpensive items like these in any hardware or home improvement store.

Finally, you can tie everything all together by hanging towels and a shower curtain that go well with the new colour scheme of your bathroom. You can even add a few extra touches like a basket of toiletries on the new vanity and a couple of aromatherapy candles by the bathtub. With efficient planning and a little bit of patience, you can have your own five-star bathroom without going over your budget.