Budding Wakatipu dancers get tips from ballet pro


Budding Wakatipu ballet dancers got put through their paces by a NZ Ballet pro today. 

Dimitri Kleioris, in town dancing with Tutus on Tour, showed kids from local dance companies Queenstown School of Dance, Danceworks and Dance Wanaka ballet basics for an hour at the QPACT rooms. 

Many of the 22 up and coming dancers – aged between nine and 14 – caught Kleioris, 21, in action in the sold-out Pinocchio and Verdi Variations performances at the Events Centre last night (Saturday). 

The packed audience was made up of 430 adults and 300 younger fans, many of them wearing tutus. 

“I really enjoy it and I find it really rewarding,” Kleioris says of his Sunday morning teaching session, adding: “Going back to basics is good as a professional.” 

Many of his adoring class then lined up to get autographs and pictures with talented Kleioris once the lesson finished. 

Tutus on Tour are performing in Wanaka today, and will dance up a storm in three more South Island towns before heading back to Wellington.