Buckle up correctly – for your kids sake


Wakatipu parents are being urged to make sure little ones are buckled up properly. 

Queenstown Plunket is holding a special car seat fitting tutorial session next Wednesday. 

Plunket’s car seat rental community liaison Belinda Ricketts says in the past five months 93 seats were checked and 83 were incorrectly installed. 

“They could be anything from the harness is twisted, or around the wrong way, or the car seat’s completely inappropriate for the child,” she says. 

“It only takes 10 minutes but little things like that can be picked up. It can save children from serious injury or death.” 

Torque Automotive’s Kevin and Debra Walders have donated a car seat to Plunket and Debra says: “We feel passionate about this issue and would like to help Plunket to further raise awareness about the safe installment of child car seats in our area.” 

The car seat fitting, also attended by police, runs from 10am to noon at the Henry Street rooms. Plunket is asking attendants to bring along a donation for the service.