Brutal attack victim is done for fighting


A wakatipu musician whose jaw was broken after a brutal bashing last year has now been done for scrapping. 

Arrowtowner Samuel Ross, 31, pleaded guilty in the Queenstown District Court on Monday to fighting. 

In a separate incident last May, Ross required surgery in Dunedin Hospital after an alleged unprovoked attack in Queenstown in the early hours of the morning by four Invercargill youths. 

At the time Ross’ father Tony called for surveillance cameras in the resort’s CBD, ironically claiming cameras would help police catch offenders and act as a deterrent to street fighting. 

In the latest incident, the court heard how an intoxicated Ross left Skybar after staff refused to serve him on April 14. 

Ross exited the watering hole onto Camp Street where he got into a brawl with another male at about 4.30am and struck him to the ground. 

“You’re lucky you have been charged with fighting, Mr Ross,” Judge Dominic Flatley warned. 

“There’s too much of this late night fighting here. People get killed if they get hit the wrong way.” 

Ross has outstanding fines of $6500, and a further $500 fine was added to the total, along with court costs of $132.89.