Brother’s no-show after bounce bite


A Queenstown man who bit a bouncer is having to wait to find out if an assault charge against him will be proven.

In court on Tuesday, Russell adjourned the part-heard trial of Ned Edward Reo Webster, 33, an asphalt supervisor, after his brother, Albert Webster - a witness in the case - failed to appear.

Webster is accused of assaulting doorman Daniel Lawson on December 10.

Defence lawyer Liam Collins says the application of force was admitted but the circumstances leading to it are in dispute.

Ned Webster says he was “taken out” by doorman Lawson, whom he bit “to hopefully let him know that he’s hurting me”.

He says he yelled he couldn’t breathe and was an asthmatic, but Lawson says that’s rubbish.

Lawson told the court he grabbed Webster, who he thought was going to attack another doorman, who was scuffling with Albert Webster.

“He was shouting ‘get off my brother’,” Lawson says. “In my view, he was not intending to help.”

The trial resumes on September 6.