Brothers in hotel buy-up


A Christchurch family has bought the Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel.

Hotelier brothers Michael, Ken and Thomas Patterson - who part-own Christchurch’s Commodore Hotel - have bought the five-star 19-room resort hotel for an undisclosed sum, understood to be in the single millions of dollars.

It’s their first step out of Christchurch. They take over the hotel next Wednesday and will retain existing staff and manager Karen Henry.

Thomas Patterson says Queenstown Park, which opened in 2007, has been on their radar.

“It’s happened relatively quickly,” he says. “My oldest brother Michael, he’s spent a lot of time in Queenstown - he’s got a place here - so he has watched the place over the years and he’s always held it in high regard.”

Buoyant long-term tourism growth predictions for New Zealand, and Queenstown in particular, were one reason to buy.

But the brothers were also keen to diversify after the earthquakes, even though the Commodore came out of it relatively unscathed.

Patterson adds: “Also we felt Christchurch was possibly missing out with that air connectivity Queenstown has with Auckland.”

The Commodore was opened in 1971 and now boasts 157 rooms.

It has taken years and much deliberation for the family to buy a second hotel, Michael Patterson says in a statement.

Patterson: “The Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel is modern, an ideal size and great location.”