Brit rips off Fergbaker


A British woman has admitted ripping off Queenstown business Fergbaker – the sister-company of world-famous Fergburger.

Neetal Dandgey, 25, pleaded guilty in the Queenstown District Court last week to stealing $2900 in cash from Fergbaker.

Initially she told police she had taken just $30 cash and some tip money.

Later she admitted taking $500 during the previous five or six weeks.

By last Friday Dandgey bit the bullet and accepted she had taken $2900.

Her lawyer, Liam Collins, said $1814.49 could be repaid from holiday and back pay owing, with the balance payable with a lump sum. 

Dandgey told police she was “worried about finances” because she was planning to return to the United Kingdom.

Sergeant Ian Collin says Dandgey began working at the bakery as a cashier and sales assistant last June.

From early January, staff began noticing cash discrepancies of between $60 and $100 a week.

After Dandgey was given responsibility for placing cash and till receipts in a safe for banking the next day, the discrepancies increased.

An investigation by Dandgey’s supervisor found that large cash discrepancies did not occur on days the defendant was not working.

When her shift was changed, they occurred on her new shift and not in her previous one.

Judge Tony Couch adjourned the hearing and remanded Dandgey on bail so ‘restorative justice’ can be investigated.

Otago Daily Times