Brekkie with PM John Key


SPOTTED in Motogrill this morning – Prime Minister John Key who opened Winter Festival last night. Key talked skiing at Motogrill over breakfast with Queenstown-based national ski coach Nils Coberger. They’re pictured with Nils’ daughter Hasse Verlinden-Coberger, 3 Erynn Verlinden, 8 and cafe manager Emily Gibbons.

JOE’S Garage is capitalising nicely on Football World Cup fever. It’s advertising “All White” coffees for $3. Also spotted was this sign on the Queenstown Rovers Football Club’s entry in today’s Festival parade: “Unbeaten All Whites”.

ONE of the hilarious aspects of the Winter Festival drag race next week is the names various contestants masquerade under. Just to let everyone into a couple of secrets, lawyer Elliot Goldman will be Wilma Ballsdrop and personal trainer Richie Heap will be Irene Yankerbollockoff.

NEXT Wednesday the Festival’s got the “singing policeman”, Daniel Rodriguez, a New York cop who made his name after the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks. But in today’s Festival parade we got the “singing fireman” – Lyall McGregor belting out some tunes for the volunteer fire brigade’s entry.