Brecon St escalator bid


A short step along Queenstown’s Man Street from a proposed 205-room hotel, another developer’s planning improved public access from down below.

Kevin Carlin – who’s building a boutique five-star hotel, Queenstown Views, on the Man St/Brecon St corner – plans a $1.4 million escalator opposite, between steps linking Lower and Upper Brecon Sts.

He’s approaching other Brecon St developers to help him with funding, and says he has support from gondola operator Skyline Queenstown and Graham Wilkinson, who’s planning a hotel on his mini-golf site. Carlin’s also planning a glass roof covering both the escalator and the steps.

“Five-star guests coming up to Queenstown Views, in particular ladies in heels carrying Chanel bags, will not want to charge up those steps on a rainy night.”

Carlin’s also planning wheelchair access from Man St, once it’s widened to become an arterial route, to the ramp that criss-crosses the Brecon St steps, as well as a platform by the Man St footpath for pedestrians waiting to cross the road.

He says he’s delighted that Queenstown council’s scheduled traffic lights on the Man St/Brecon St intersection for 2020/2021.

He’s hoping the escalator will be in place by the time his hotel opens in May 2020.