Breathe away your troubles


Using breathing to reduce anxiety was a key lesson being taught today as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Local physiotherapist Melissa Davidson held an hour-long session at St Johns Ambulance Service in Frankton this afternoon to highlight the importance of breathing techniques and how they should be done. 

“There are lots of aspects of mental health that can be linked in to breathing. 

“If you get your breathing right you can often get everything else sorted,” Davidson says. 

Mental health nurse Eve Cournane from the Wakatipu Community Mental Health Team wants to ensure she’s passing the right techniques to her patients. 

“We teach patients this, so we thought we’d come in to make sure we’re teaching the right things.” 

It turned out that only one of the 10 people present at the class, organised by Public Health South, breathed correctly, Davidson, managing director of Remarkable Physios, says. 

Mental health patients are being sent a small plant to nurture this week, in fitting with the theme of the week ‘flourishing for everybody’.