Brazen petrol drive off


Don’t drink and hunt

Police will launch a crackdown this weekend on boozed-up duck shooters. 

Southern District officers will target breaches of the firearms act and drink driving in rural areas of Otago and 
Southland on the opening weekend of the season. 

Inspector Al Dickie says: “It is essential to keep firearms and alcohol completely separate. 

“Under the Arms Act, there are several potential charges that could be faced by duck shooters and licence holders could have their firearms licence revoked.” 

Dickie says police have noticed an increase in the use of alcohol around firearms in recent years, with several cases of duck shooters summonsed for drink driving while driving to duck shooting areas with firearms in the back seat. 

New shooters who do not hold a current firearms licence must be under immediate supervision of a licensed holder. The supervisor must be able to control muzzle direction and there can only be one firearm between them. 

“The key messages are always to point firearms in a safe direction, do not put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to fire the gun and never solely rely on the safety catch and identify your target,” Dickie says. 

Glass smash dumbass 

A drunken Queenstown man was arrested by police after falling through a shop window and then urinating in its doorway. 

The 18-year-old was involved in an argument outside Fergburger and then crashed through the window at outdoors store 45 South. 

Senior Constable Chris Blackford says: “The gentleman was intoxicated. Another male walking by has tried to calm him down but he has pulled away from him and fallen through the window.” 

The 18-year-old wasn’t injured. He may face a disorderly behaviour rap. 

Happy in my nappy 

Police stopped a Palmerston North man wearing a nappy behind the wheel in Queenstown on Saturday. 

Officers had been called by a member of the public on Thursday, who reported a man walking in Gorge Road wearing cycling shorts and a nappy. 

The 49-year-old oddball was stopped at 9pm on Frankton Road for speeding. He was wearing a nappy and told police he had a fetish. Officers gave the nappy fetishist a speeding ticket but there is nothing criminal about wearing a 
nappy in public. 

Chip on his shoulder 

A Christchurch man was charged with offensive behaviour after allegedly kicking off at Lassesters casino at Steamer Wharf. Police were called at 12.10am on Saturday. The 54-year-old Korean national had been allegedly shouting, swearing and verbally abusing the croupier. He was charged with offensive behaviour. 

Homeless student arrested 

A Vietnamese man sleeping rough in Queenstown has been arrested after 1.2kg of pate went missing. 

The 20-year-old, studying English, allegedly took a block of chicken liver from a Cow Lane restaurant on Monday.
Blackford: “He told officers he had been getting money from home but that had dried up due to illness. That’s why he had to steal food to eat.” 

It’s likely he’ll be charged with theft.