Bouncer Dixon’s new web campaign


Infamous Queenstown bouncer Jonathan Dixon is in the thick of an online campaign seeking “justice” in relation to a woman’s rejected assault complaint.

Police decided not to lay charges and the Independent Police Complaints Authority backed that decision, but the online campaign links to video footage and asks for readers’ opinions. The man shown in the video – Queenstown’s Tim O’Leary – did not wish to comment when approached by Mountain Scene.

Dixon – a friend of the local woman Sarah Kerby – has helped her Queenstown son Daniel Kerby post video of the incident to YouTube linking it to a Facebook page ‘Aotearoa Against Violence Towards Women, Justice for Sarah’.

The video, taken from Queenstown Gym CCTV footage, shows gym co-owners and former couple Sarah Kerby and Tim O’Leary in the gym reception area on October 18.  Mountain Scene understands the footage was obtained with Sarah’s consent.

The video includes footage from another gym camera in a separate room which shows O’Leary soon after re-enacting his version of what happened for a Queenstown police officer taking notes.

Queenstown police senior sergeant John Fookes confirms a callout to the incident – and says it’s been decided no charges will be laid.

Daniel Kerby and Dixon kicked off their campaign on Monday, making the site live.

It reveals Sarah has advanced cancer and calls on people to “fight for Sarah, fight for justice”, urging them to watch the footage and judge for themselves.

Dixon tells Mountain Scene: “All we want is for people to look at it and form an opinion based upon what we show them.”

Dixon adds he believes nothing he’s done this time breaks any laws.

In August, he was found guilty of dishonestly accessing the computer system of a Queenstown bar where he worked. The conviction, which he plans to appeal, came after Dixon obtained footage of English rugby star Mike Tindall cavorting with a former girlfriend during 2011’s Rugby World Cup.

Dixon posted the footage to YouTube – splicing in snippets of himself admonishing Tindall who had wed royal Zara Phillips six weeks earlier.

“I know the irony of it all is amazing,” Dixon says this week.

“[But] if I’m willing to tell [Tindall] to pull his head in … for a woman that I’ve never met – then what I’ll do for a woman I have so much respect for such as Sarah will make that look ridiculous.

“I’ll walk through the fires of hell,” Dixon adds.

Sarah’s son Daniel adds he believes the police are wrong not to lay charges in relation to the Queenstown Gym incident and he wants “the public to decide”.

Daniel says his mum cried when police told her no charge would be laid – her subsequent complaint against police actions to the Independent Police Complaints Authority was rejected last week.

“She’s got no voice, so we have to be the voice,” Daniel says of his mum who is now in hospital in Auckland battling her cancer.

“It’s my duty as her son, I can’t let this go. She supports it, she wants justice.”

O’Leary, who is overseas but responded to text messages, didn’t appear to be aware of the Facebook page and YouTube video on Tuesday, asking for the link.

Told about it and asked how he felt about the footage going online, O’Leary texted: “Not really concerned about it. And not interested in contributing to a story.

“To be honest, I won’t even bother to look at the site.”

Fookes says the decision to lay no charges was made after both Sarah and O’Leary had been spoken to and investigating officers viewed the footage.

“At least one of the parties is claiming to have been assaulted.

“An investigation determined in the circumstances it was insufficient to meet the Solicitor-General’s guidelines for prosecution,” Fookes says, adding it was reviewed by the police family violence coordinator and police prosecutor.

Fookes says he hasn’t seen the Facebook page or footage himself and adds: “Websites aren’t necessarily helpful in providing the total picture, all the information and context.”

The IPCA decision says its review shows police tried to deal with a “difficult domestic situation as sensitively as possible”.

“Video footage examined by the authority is inconclusive and the police decision not to lay charges following an independent review of all the evidence was sound.”

Daniel says he and Dixon plan to make more information and footage available soon.