Bounce into big time in Queenstown


It’s bombs away for Queenstown snowboarders and skiers. 

A new Glenda Drive training facility – with one of the most powerful trampolines in the world – is helping people like Joel Hillary, 18, perfect technical big air tricks. 

Site Trampoline also has two Olympic-standard trampolines, a double-mini tramp into a foam pit and a small octo-tramp for practising tricks. 

Friends Jens Groot, 31, and Sunny Elmore, 25, opened it to improve their own wakeboard and snowboard skills.

“It’s a safe environment to learn high-quality tricks – the triple backflips and frontflips, double corks,” Groot says.

“They’re very technical manoeuvres and to learn them on the mountain is too dangerous. 

“Any competitive snowboarder, skier, wakeboarder, they’ve all done work with trampolines. Even when you’re just bouncing you’re helping your aerial awareness and balance.” 

The main trampoline, a custom-build in Canada, is one of only seven in the world.