Boozed driver in the sh*t


A Queenstown chef was so drunk he vomited and defecated before being processed for drink-driving in a residential neighbourhood.

Soo Hyun Cho, 45, had been driving around Lake Hayes Estate at 3.25am on August 28 when a member of the public contacted police, concerned because he was driving slowly and swerving.

Police located Cho inside the vehicle on Bridesdale Drive.

It had been reversed over a kerb, on to a footpath and parked against a solid, heavy, wooden fence. A breath test gave a reading of 858mcg.

Photographs were taken at the scene and handed up in evidence at Queenstown District Court on Monday – Judge Geoff Rea told Cho he had “not had your case helped” by them.

Lawyer Liam Collins said “but for alcohol” there was no other explanation as to how “an otherwise mild-mannered, hard-working, conscientious individual commits this offence”.

“I can’t mitigate the driving – he’s at a loss to explain it.

“He’s embarrassed and remorseful,” Collins said.

Judge Rea said the photographs gave a “very good indication of the level of your intoxication”.

He was fined $725 for drink-driving and handed a six-month ban.

The high level triggered a requirement for an alcohol interlock device to be installed but he had since sold his vehicle.