Booze licence lost


Queenstown’s Church Street Night ‘n Day (below) can’t sell booze after October 5.

The council’s district licensing committee refused the store’s new owner an off-licence last September, ruling it needed to be a grocery store to sell takeaway liquor but was a convenience store instead.

Tricorp Holdings, owned by Alan Garrick and an associated trust, appealed the committee’s decision to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA) in June.

ARLA’s backed the licensing committee’s decision.

“The premises must … share the characteristics normally associated with shops commonly thought of [as] a grocery shop and the premises do not”, it states.

ARLA also says Tricorp Holdings’ failure to provide revenue figures for the preceding 12 months was “fatal to the application”.

Garrick says he accepts the decision “but obviously we are really disappointed that we can’t provide that service for our customers as we have done for many years”.