Booze, cruise, lose in Queenstown


Police are showing little tolerance for those flouting a downtown liquor ban.

Consumption of booze in public downtown is outlawed from 10pm to 8am every day – from the One Mile carpark to Park Street and including Queenstown Gardens.

Last Saturday, police busted two young Invercargill men for flouting the ban.

Sergeant Mark Gill says two males, aged 20 and 21, were arrested, with one done for breach of the ban and the other for disorder.

The pair were with a group who had a load of beers in a ute.

Approached about breaching the overnight liquor ban, they “refused to move on or discard the alcohol and became obnoxious”.

Then at 2.05am on Sunday, three males were arrested for ban breaches.

Gill says the trio of 18-year-olds from Wanaka and Timaru had been cruising around town in a van and initially were spoken to by police about the ban.

“They ignored the warning and continued to cruise around. When requested they remove the alcohol from the van they became abusive, swearing and acting disorderly,” he says.

Gill says the ban is a tool for police: “We’re not here to be the fun police, but if you choose to drink and cruise around and act like idiots on the beach front you’re going to be asked to leave and if you don’t go, you’re going to get nicked.” 

Oops – sorry officer

A female driver stopped for a breath test has reversed into the police car that pulled her over.

Gill says the 52-year-old woman from Kelvin Heights was pulled over about 1.20am on Saturday near the Millennium Hotel.

“She has then put her car into reverse by mistake and crashed back into the front of the police car, causing minimum damage to both vehicles.”

The woman passed the test, Gill adds.

Naked biffo

Police nabbed two men fighting in a Queenstown bar – one of whom was naked.

Gill says police got called to the Powder Room down Searle Lane at 2.20am last Saturday to deal with the 25-year-old Kiwis.

“They had a bit of a rumble in the Powder Room as a result of them bouncing into each other. One of them was naked.

“So basically some naked guy bounced into another guy – and they both got arrested.”

Police have charged a Cromwell man, 20, with assault after alleged punches were thrown in Winnies bar.

Gill says the alleged offender had apparently been annoyed by someone and has punched another male several times resulting in a bleeding nose.

It’s expected the man will appear in Queenstown District Court this coming Monday.

Computers stolen

Three laptop computers, a hard drive and perfume have been reported stolen.

Gill says the burglary of a Greenstone Place property at Fernhill is believed to have happened been 7pm on Saturday and 1.30am on Sunday.

Entry was gained through a kitchen window, Gill says.

Coke thief

A fizzie drink thief has been trespassed from a Queenstown dairy.

Police arrested a German tourist, 25, for allegedly stealing a bottle of Coca-Cola from the Night ‘n’ Day dairy on Camp St at 6pm on Sunday.

“I don’t know if it was a little bottle or a big bottle of coke, but theft’s theft … he’s been arrested and trespassed,” Gill says.

Irish night of horrors

Police are investigating after reports of drunk, naked Irishmen running over parked vehicles on Monday morning this week.

Gill says police were called to an incident in the early hours involving naked male singing Otago songs running over cars on the corner of Beetham and Hallensteins Sts. 

Police are making inquiries to see if any vehicles were damaged.

Or if it was just a case of drunken Irishmen drowning their sorrows after a heart-breaking loss to the All Blacks that morning.