Boilover at Bardeaux


Police pepper-sprayed a Christ­church plumber after he allegedly threatened bouncers and resisted arrested. 

Officers were called to Bardeaux in Eureka Arcade, Queenstown, at about 11pm on Sunday. 

Senior constable Sean Drader says: “He had been asked to leave and then allegedly threatened to assault doormen, staff and patrons. 

“Officers attended and he resisted arrest. He was sprayed with pepper spray.” 

The large 42-year-old was charged with disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence and resisting police. 

He has been bailed by Queenstown District Court to a Christchurch address and given a curfew. 

Domestic destruction derby 

A couple are counting the cost of a domestic after allegedly smashing each other’s prized possessions in a heated row.
Police were called to Arrowtown at 11pm last Thursday. 

It is alleged the 24-year-old man used his classic car to ram his wife’s saloon car out of the way, which then hit another car. In retaliation, she smashed his TV to pieces. He then broke a window. Both face charges relating to the blow-out. 

Drader says: “Both of them had been drinking and it got ugly. 

“He allegedly used his vehicle to shunt hers out of the way, pushing it into another and damaging both.” 

He faces two charges of wilful damage and one of domestic assault. She has been charged with wilful damage. 

Boy racer hands himself in 

A boy racer handed himself into the police after they impounded his car. 

The Invercargill 18-year-old turned up at the station on Saturday afternoon and admitted to doing burnouts the previous evening at Quail Rise. 

Officers had found an unattended Honda Accord and impounded it for 28 days under the Boy Racer Act. 

Drader says: “The tyres were shredded to the rims and there were burnout marks on the road. 

“It had been reported someone was doing burnouts near Gretton Park. The Honda Accord was found but no one was with it. 

“He’s probably come to the station because he wanted his car back.” 

The youth could face charges of causing a sustained loss of traction. 

Pair’s wedding ejection 

A freezing worker and his dad were ejected from a posh wedding at Millbrook Resort after fighting with other guests and staff. 

The Invercargill 26-year-old was later arrested in Arrowtown for disorderly behaviour and received a warning. 

Drader says: “He’d been drinking throughout the day and was ejected after a confrontation. The courtesy shuttle dropped him and his father in Arrowtown. 

“He was apparently abusing the driver along the way and was again trying to start fights in Arrowtown.” 

Police found the pair at about 10pm on Saturday. The 26-year-old was arrested after refusing to give details. 

Search and rescue for family 

A Singaporean family – including a six-month-old baby – were saved by Search and Rescue after underestimating an Arrowtown trek. 

The mum, dad and child began walking on tracks near Hayes Creek at 11.30am last Wednesday but by dusk that evening they still hadn’t made it back. 

Drader says: “The man left them at the Shamrock Mine Cottage and walked out to get help. 

“Search and Rescue drove in along the Arrow Gorge Track and then walked to them at about 9pm. 

“They didn’t have any water but other than that they were ok.” 

Do the maths 

An English maths teacher was arrested after urinating outside Boiler Room in the early hours of Thursday. 

He walked out of the bar and let rip in clear view of the public. 

Drader says: “He obviously couldn’t work out what was likely to happen.” 

Two Swedish men were also arrested after urinating in public, one in a rubbish bin outside Sky Bar on Friday, and the other in the Subway doorway last Wednesday. The three men received pre-charge warnings.