Bodies of evidence


Queenstown women are feeling pumped heading into the final stages of a 12-week fitness challenge – despite pesky food cravings.

Twelve local lasses started the half-price Pulse Fitness programme, which includes nutrition tips and a weekly hour-long personal training session, on April 13.

Kate Evans, 26, is “super stoked” at almost finishing the challenge, which wraps up with a fashion parade during Winter Festival at the Millennium Hotel on June 30 at 1pm.

The regular gym-goer says having a personal trainer boosted her workouts by “a couple of notches” and her fiance has been complimenting her body, which is “quite nice”.

She’s struggling diet-wise though, as is fellow challenger Georgia Walsh.

Walsh, 39, signed up because she doesn’t want to be “frumpy and 40” and enjoys the exercise but reckons “cutting out carbs, especially in the winter, is hard”.

“[The diet’s] mainly meat or fish with some veggies, it’s not restrictive really, but sometimes it’d be nice to go and have a big bowl of pasta,” she says.