Blowing your limit


A Glenorchy man has escaped a drink-driving charge by blowing exactly the legal driving limit. 

Constable Sean Drader says the 39-year-old failed the initial roadside breath test but at Queenstown police station recorded 400 micrograms per litre of breath – the exact limit legally allowed for a person over the age of 20. 

However, the man, picked up about 7.25am on Shotover Street on Tuesday, didn’t get off scot-free. 

He was pulled over in the first place for weaving on the road, being without headlights and talking on his cellphone, Drader says. His warrant of fitness had also expired. 

“He was given infringement notices.” 

Drink-driving busts in the resort included a 37-year-old Clyde man pinged on Camp St at 12.35am last Friday. 

Later that morning, a 33-year-old man from Glenorchy was busted at 2.30am on Man St and a 19-year-old male was done at the same spot at 4am. About an hour after that, a Christchurch visitor was also busted. 

A UK man was picked up for drink-driving at 4.20am on Gorge Road last Tuesday. 

Town bashers

Two men from the UK were charged with disorderly behaviour after ripping plastic downpipe from a Camp St building and heading along Beach St, hitting things with it. 

Drader says the men, aged 22 and 20, were collared at about 1am last Wednesday. 

The 20-year-old also faces a wilful damage charge. 

Car break-in 

A black leather jacket and a shopping bag containing paperwork were taken from an unlocked car parked outside the Copthorne Hotel last Friday. 

A cop discovered the car with its doors and glovebox open at 4.40am and alerted the owner. 

“It’s the time of year to start locking things if you don’t already. And if you have a choice, try and park your car off the road,” Drader says. 

French fury 

A Frenchman who had to be physically removed from Queenstown bar the Buffalo Club last Monday was charged with dis­orderly behaviour. 

The 22-year-old ended up spending a night in police cells, Drader says. 

“It’s claimed he spat in the face of a bouncer. He was described as being drunk and arrogant.”