Bloomin heck – it’s Orlando


Hollywood heart-throb Orlando Bloom is mad about Queenstown. 

Dressed in casual pants, hooded top and baseball cap, the English actor stopped in yesterday afternoon at Queenstown’s downtown Reading Cinemas complex to watch the movie In Time

Bloom also had breakfast, for the second day running, at Vudu in the resort where he’s resuming his role as elf Legolas for filming of The Hobbit

Bloom’s previously stayed in Queenstown during shooting of The Lord of the Rings trilogy – all directed by Kiwi Sir Peter Jackson. 

Bloom tells Mountain Scene: “I’m very happy to be here. Love it. It’s a wonderful place.” 

Star-spotting Blooms downtown

 Bumpy flight 

A Queenstowner says she sat behind Bloom on his Air New Zealand flight into the resort on Monday morning. The woman says Bloom was hit up for photos by three air hostesses, requiring Bloom’s travel mate – whom she believes was Peter Jackson’s PA – to get up and vacate his seat. 

“He was left standing in the aisle like a total pork chop. I just thought it was very inappropriate,” the Queenstowner says. “Bloom was only identified because of the air hostesses. Then the bloke sitting next to me, once he saw who it was, he was deep breathing and couldn’t wait for a photo. 

The PA fobbed him off on the plane and when we got into the airport I saw him pursuing them.” 

Ciggie break 

Not long after his arrival, Bloom was seen getting his bearings in downtown Queenstown – and at one point stopped to bludge a cigarette off a local. Queenstowner Jez Stevens confirms a friend told him Bloom had taken him by surprise with the request. 

Stevens says: “When I ran into my mate he was like ‘Ah Jez, I’ve just bummed a cigarette to Orlando Bloom’. He was in a little bit of shock, I think.” 

Brekkie haunt 

The best chance for adoring fans to catch Bloom might be the original Vudu cafe on Beach Street. Manage­ment confirm he had a late breakfast there yesterday and on Tuesday. 

Vudu manager Tom Rees (above) says he ordered a gluten-free feed both times – plus Earl Grey tea. 

“Yesterday, he was just on his own. He actually had a script in front of him. He came in with sunglasses and a hat on and as soon as he took them off the girls jumped on him – for autographs.” 

Pharmacy stop 

It’s unknown if Bloom’s model wife Miranda Kerr is in tow – but it’s possible given his purchase at Wilkinsons Pharmacy on Rees Street on Tuesday. Staffer Cecilia Dunn confirms he bought an $11 tub of cocoa butter moisturiser. 

Dunn: “I didn’t notice him at first. But I did when everyone started to point. He was really normal – we were really low-key about it.”