Bizarre bloke busted


A confused holidaymaker from Spain who claimed he was a member of the Irish Republican Army and a Maori was arrested twice on the same day for his bizarre antics. 

He was first nabbed by cops at 5am last Thursday at a Queenstown bar after racially abusing another customer. 

The 31-year-old man was charged with disorderly behaviour and possession of cannabis and bailed not to go near licensed premises. 

However, he was collared again in town later that night for breaking his bail conditions, after going back out on the booze. 

“First up, he had been allegedly making racial taunts towards a bar patron,” constable Sean Drader says. 

“He was ranting about how he hated the English and said he was in the IRA, even though he is from Spain. 

“He also claimed he was Maori gangster, because he happened to have tattoos.” 

Constable Drader adds: “When arrested for the second time, he was drunk and exhibiting more odd behaviour. 

“It’s likely this particular gentleman will be returning to Europe sometime soon.” 

Trouble on home front 

A 33-year-old Queenstown man was arrested last Sunday after a female was allegedly assaulted when she discovered him bunking up with another woman in Arthurs Point. 

“The victim apparently went to the house at 8am and found the bloke in bed with another female,” Drader observes. “The man saw her off the premises and an alleged assault followed.” 

Clowning around 

A 20-year-old concrete worker from Invercargill was done for wilful damage and disorderly behaviour at Wilson carpark in Church Street at 5.15pm last Saturday. 

The offender first broke a barrier and allowed other cars to leave without paying. He then sat on his car horn until police arrived. 

“Officers attending described him as a right clown,” Drader says. 

School sickener 

Police spoke to the mother of a 15-year-old female student at Wakatipu High after the youngster had stolen and consumed alcohol before going to school last Friday morning. 

“Apparently, the girl had taken booze from a friend’s parents’ place and drank it before going to class then was sick at school,” Drader says. “Police have been giving some assistance to her parents.” 

Search and rescue double 

A Queenstowner, 19, got lost on Ben Lomond track and was helped out in the dark, at 9.30pm last Saturday.
“He had been out cycling with two friends who had gone on ahead because he was tiring,” Drader explains. “He made a call on his cell phone to say he was in trouble and fortunately he was located.” 

At 11am the same day, a mountain biker in the Rees Valley had to be airlifted out after falling and breaking ribs, a wrist and cutting his head.