Bite put on pie thief


Attack of the munchies leads to 2.30am arrest.

A meat pie pilferer and a roof-jumping American livened up an otherwise routine week for Queenstown Police.

Cops charged a 27-year-old Queenstown man with theft after he scoffed a pie in the Night ‘n’ Day in Camp Street at 2.30am last Saturday, senior sergeant John Fookes says.

A security guard stopped the hungry offender at the shop door when he attempted to leave without paying for his in-store snack.

The next day, an American tourist in his 20s was spotted on a balcony of The Spire Hotel in Church Lane – after allegedly being earlier spied on the roof of a building in Earl St.

“The man claimed he’d been looking for a camera that his friends had thrown up onto the balcony,” detective Grant Miller says.

Police charged him with unlawfully being on property and resisting police, Fookes adds.

Brawling blokes

A Queenstown man got picked up for allegedly assaulting his neighbour in Goldfield Heights at 1.30am last Saturday.

The neighbour had “remonstrated with him about how loud the music was coming from his address,” Fookes says.

At 2am the previous night, two men crashed through the front glass window of The Gift Centre in Beach St.

Both men, who were wrestling at the time, escaped injury but were charged with intentional damage.

Careless drivers…

A three-year-old Auckland boy was taken to Southland Hospital in Invercargill after a car crash at the corner of Lake Hayes and Speargrass Flat Rds at 11.30am last Saturday.

The driver – the boy’s father – and a male passenger were treated for minor injuries at Lakes District Hospital, but the two females in the other car were unscathed.

Police charged a 38-year-old male tourist from Hong Kong with careless driving last Wednesday.

The man had driven off Paradise Road, past Glenorchy, and damaged a fence, Fookes says.

At 11.05am the next day, someone backed into a parked car on Gray St in Frankton.

No one was injured in the “minor fender-bender”, Fookes says.

A local man in his 50s drove into a pine tree that had blown across State Highway 6 near Wye Creek at 5.45am last Tuesday. The driver was uninjured but his car suffered some damage.

…and drink-drivers

A Queenstown woman got done for drink-driving after crashing into two vehicles parked on Hallenstein St at 12.30am last Saturday.

She blew a breath alcohol reading of 961 micrograms.

At 12.01am the night before, a 42-year-old male Thai tourist was stopped on Stanley St for being boozed behind the wheel.

The man blew 566 micrograms and was charged with drink-driving.

Bail dodgers

A 23-year-old Queenstown man was arrested at 9.30am last Thursday for failing to appear on bail.

An hour later, a 29-year-old Queenstown man was nabbed for breaching his bail conditions.