Bingle on Queenstown: ‘Like part of the world, but not’


A free trip to Queenstown complete with all the trappings has won over self-confessed “Kiwi sceptic” and Aussie model Lara Bingle.

Bingle, who described New Zealand as “part of the world, but not” during a promotional video produced by Air New Zealand, claims she’s been won over after her recent luxury stay in the resort.

Bingle was shown around Queenstown by television personality Hayley Holt and the pair went snowboarding up Coronet Peak, wining and dining at local eateries, heli-skiing and snow caving. They also got put up in a swanky pad during their stay.

“If someone had asked me about New Zealand before the trip I would have said it was just off my radar,” Sydney-based Bingle says.

“Now, my attitude has completely changed. I fell in love with New Zealand. I would love to be living the laid-back New Zealand lifestyle. I really got an opportunity to live the dream during my time in Queenstown.”

“Kiwi Sceptics” is Air NZ’s campaign aimed at changing the perceptions of Australians who never get around to crossing the ditch. Research shows that each year more than five million Aussies seriously consider New Zealand as a destination but only one in five actually makes the trip.

Bingle’s Queenstown trip will also feature in her Australian reality TV show, Being Lara Bingle.

Watch Lara Bingle’s Kiwi Sceptics video