Big questions heading into election


Is it a given Alexa “extremely green” Forbes will have the best PR in the run-up to the election?

Maybe not given she’s already at war with the media?

Are there too many retirees around the council table?

You do know that when I said Regan Pearce was standing for council in Parting Shot a few weeks back that it was a joke, right?

Gonna have to completely rethink your vote now?

Though Pearce would be a lot better than those dimwitted, half-asleep, pension-subsidising retirees on the council donut right now, wouldn’t he, David Hunt?

You know that was a joke too?

Mayoral challenge anyone?

Real Journeys’ Tony McQuilkin for mayor?

But could he see the wood for the trees?

Could he see anything through all that blimmin’ smoke?

Conservation Minister Nick Smith for mayor?

Fergburger for mayor?

Scoop for mayor?

He’d probably win on pure recognition alone?

Reckon he’d launch a crackdown on the town’s drinking problems?

Does Queenstown have a drinking problem? (according to 76 per cent of respondents to a highly unscientific online poll, yes it does)

Tell us something we don’t know?

Hate it when people insinuate Queenstown has a drinking problem?

Doesn’t most of the country?

Including, seemingly, every single person who appears in Queenstown District Court before Judge Kevin Phillips?

Prayed for free at City Impact Church lately?

Prayed for snow lately?

Thought of calling Forbes for PR advice lately?

Thought of calling Jonathan Dixon for legal advice lately?

Excited about the Winter Games?

Heather Mills or Lindsey Vonn?

Is Justin Marshall growing on you as a rugby commentator?

Or should he just stick to playing rugby?

Has the town lost one of its great straight shooters with the departure of council events and venues boss JD Marrable?

Or f..king what?

Given the number of departures, including Marrable, from former council entity Lakes Leisure, is it fair to say – if it still existed – that people would be dubbing it Lakes Displeasure?

Think it was unfair of local political warhorse Warren Cooper to refer to another ex-council entity as Lakes Mental?

But you still laughed anyway?

Reckon you’ll get along to Cricket World Cup qualifiers involving Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea and Uganda? 

Gone into Blackballs down The Mall for a hotdog, asked for onions, and had co-owner Vicki pop over?

When someone asks where to go for lunch are you momentarily mentally paralysed as the myriad of options flash through your mind?

When someone asks where to go for a drink are you momentarily mentally paralysed as the myriad of options flash through your mind?

Worried about the new GCSB spying bill?

Given local Kyle Mackay mounted a lone Queenstown protest on Saturday, joining thousands nationwide, guess not?

Too busy reading the council’s convention centre analysis?

Or were you getting drunk?