Beware night crawler


Police warn residents in the vicinity of Speargrass Flat Road to be on guard after reports of a suspicious car trawling the area late at night.
On February 3, a handbag and bank cards were swiped from a vehicle parked in a garage and cops believe the theft could be linked to sightings of a red or burgundy-coloured Nissan Torino.
“This car has been spotted cruising around and going up and down people’s driveways in the early hours around Speargrass Flat Rd and Slopehill Rd,” local constable Daniel Andrew says.
“I would urge people to be on the lookout for the vehicle and call the police if you see it.
“It would also be wise to lock cars at all times and keep any valuables well out of sight.”
A suspicious character was also spotted trying the doors of houses in Widgeon Place at Lake Hayes Estate the same night of the Speargrass Flat Rd break-in.
Gun found in car 

An 18-year-old Queenstown male was charged with firearms offences, resisting arrest and threatening to kill police officers last Sunday night.
The teenager was arrested at 9.15pm after patrol cops stopped his car on Frankton Rd and searched it for drugs. 

“The man was found to be unlawfully in possession of a rifle and had become aggressive towards police,” Andrew says.
“The firearm was located in the vehicle and he didn’t have a licence for it.” 

International-class yobs
A 22-year-old Welshman was done for trespass after he was thrown out of a local backpackers for being drunk – but kept returning to the premises.
The boozed visitor was eventually picked up by cops at 2.25am last Sunday after making a nuisance of himself once too often.
“The guy is obviously a slow learner,” Andrew notes. 

A 30-year-old Frenchman was arrested for disorderly behaviour at 2am last Friday – he became abusive to cops after refusing to leave a CBD bar.
“When police arrived he really flared up and abused everyone within earshot,” Andrew adds.
And a 21-year-old Englishman was busted for trespass just after midnight in Fernhill last Thursday when he jumped a fence into a neighbouring property after refusing to leave another person’s garden. 

Claws out 

A 22-year-old Queenstown woman was nabbed for assault after allegedly attacking a man at a Beetham St party last Sunday night.
“Apparently, she pushed the victim over a number of times and he ended up with a dislocated knee,” Andrew observes.
No joy for joyriders
Two local males, aged 15 and 16, were dealt with by police for unlawfully taking a boat near Queenstown Gardens.
Last Thursday afternoon, the youngsters were spotted out on the lake paddling around in a dinghy that didn’t belong to them.
Burglar strikes 

About $1400 and a sum of US dollars were nicked from bedrooms during a break-in at a property in Fernhill’s Arawata Terrace last Friday.
“A suspect has been interviewed and our inquiries are continuing” says Andrew. 

Bikes go walkies 

There’s been a summer spike of opportunistic bicycle thefts in the Wakatipu.

A distinctive, dark red GT 2007 model was nicked from the back entrance of Roaring Meg’s restaurant in Shotover St at the end of January. 

On February 2, another bike was wheeled away from outside the Night ‘n’ Day store in Arrowtown.