Berserk drug-bust guy jumps in front of taxi


A Frankton man facing drugs charges threw himself in front of a moving taxi then jumped through the glass window of a house. 

The 19-year-old’s self-destructive spree came a day after he was nabbed for a drugs offence and for assaulting cops. 

At 5pm last Thursday, he was arrested during a raid at his home and charged with possession of cannabis for supply, resisting police and assaulting police. 

By 1.30am on Saturday he was back in custody after losing the plot in Queenstown. 

“It’s alleged he launched himself at a moving taxi and he went up on to the bonnet and roof and also broke a wing mirror,” constable Sean Drader says. 

“He then entered a house on Fernhill Road where he jumped through a closed window. It’s believed he may have been under the influence of drugs.” 

The man was re-arrested and charged with wilful damage. 

Knuckle-head sandwich

Police would like a word with this man (pictured) in connection with a rumpus at the Subway fast-food shop in Camp Street just after midnight last Thursday. 

The alleged offender hit signs, punched the front window and glass counter then terrified a member of staff before pushing over the cash register and scarpering. 

“The man was allegedly abusive and threatening towards the worker and tried to jump over the counter to get at him,” Drader says. 

“We would like to hear from anyone who recognises this person.”


Arrest after crying wolf

A 31-year-old female from Kelvin Heights was charged with assaulting both her partner and police after she’d called cops claiming her partner had attacked her kid. 

“Apparently she’d been drinking and when officers arrived there was no injury to the youngster and instead it was the complainant who had allegedly twice kicked her partner in the head,” Drader says. 

“When she was arrested she also allegedly struck an officer on the back of the head at the police station.” 

The incidents happened last Friday evening.

Taxi suspect fingered

Cops have identified a man pictured in last week’s Crime Stoppers who allegedly did a run-off from a resort taxi. 

The offender, wearing a distinctive, goofy hat was dropped off in Clyde about 2.30am on August 29 after taking a cab there from Queens-town. 

He’d given the driver $30 before running off owing another $140 on the fare. 

“The 21-year-old alleged offender is believed to be a shepherd from Earnscleugh and has been identified from CCTV footage but hasn’t been arrested yet,” Drader says.

Cooking up trouble

A 53-year-old Queenstown chef was done for drink-driving and careless driving after he hit another car while behind the wheel of his wife’s BMW at 2am last Sunday. 

“He said he’d only had two beers and had swerved to avoid a black dog,” Drader says. 

“But when breath-tested he blew 874 micrograms. 

“Both the BMW and the Subaru he hit were badly damaged.”