Beating the leaks


Innovative features in a new Glenorchy home are being plugged as a way to thwart leaky-home syndrome. 

Iain and Caroline Macdonald are building a traditional Canadian-style solid timber house in Oban Street with a few leak-prevention features added in. 

The mostly macrocarpa design with mortise and tenon joints has novel ventilated skillion ceilings to ensure trapped condensation runs out to eave gutters. 

And to prevent moisture build-up in the roof space, an intelligent vapour membrane has been used above the sarking to ensure the timber frame remains dry. 

The exposed roof framing is another unique trait of the house, causing building inspectors to drop their jaws, homeowner Iain claims. 

The post and beam construction enabled the Macdonalds to use untreated, locally sourced timber, Iain says.