Beach St flock hit by baa-d behaviour


A sheep rustle in Queenstown this week wasn’t Bo Peep – more like drunken creeps.

Koha gift store has set up a grazing area for its miniature life-like sheep on newly pedestrianised Beach street in early February.

Newly appointed Koha manager Janice Wong says a customer told her on Tuesday night “a few young guys” had taken off up the street with one of the them.

“Once I heard, I was racing [to catch them], but I couldn’t find anything,” she says.

Koha were offering a fluffy toy sheep as a reward for the return of the missing mob member and a replacement was trucked from Tekapo’s Naturally New Zealand gift store.

A frantic search ensued and the missing sheep was found down a bank in Sunshine Bay on Wednesday. It’s now grazing with its flock. 

This is the second one that has gone astray.

The first time, the woolly wanderer was found inside the SkyCity Casino building.

Koha doesn’t close until 11pm each night but store boss Richard Hanson isn’t going to stop putting the sheep on the street because “the people love it”.