Baseball bat bruisers


Queenstown cops are hunting a group of local men who viciously attacked three teenagers with a baseball bat. 

The three male victims, aged about 17 and 18, were walking past Lakes District Hospital last Sunday at 1am when they met two men leaving the building – one of whom had just had his broken arm put into cast, constable Sean Drader says. 

The teens started talking to the men – both in their early twenties – which led to an argument. 

“One of the two men rang a phone number and four friends came to help from a nearby address…one of whom allegedly brought a baseball bat and the [three teenagers] were attacked,” Drader says. 

One of the lads received a 3cm gash to the back of the head, which had to be glued, and another was allegedly “grabbed by the throat, hit on the calf, lower back and the head by the baseball bat”. They ran into the hospital for help after the attack. 

A 25-year-old man – known to the boys and one of the group that arrived from the Frankton address – has been arrested for assault. 

“Police are still trying to work out who the other people were,” Drader says. 

Dangerous combination 

Two “slightly intoxicated” men got a visit from police after using ramjet pallets and a gas burner to make gunfire sounds at Frankton Beach last Saturday. 

“A ramjet is like a nail gun and it’s got an explosive charge in it, the same way that a bullet does,” Drader says. 

“You have to have a licence for one on a building site. These guys thought it would be fun to put it on a gas burner so it went ‘bang’ and they sound like a shotgun. It’s pretty dangerous.” 

The men, aged 37 and 49, were let off with a warning. 

Danish willy-waggler 

A 20-year-old Dane was arrested for offensive behaviour early yesterday morning. 

“He got his willy out in front of everyone and urinated all over the building outside the World Bar,” Drader says.
Flight fight 

A 36-year-old Arthurs Point para­gliding pilot was collared after allegedly assaulting another pilot on Tuesday afternoon. 

The victim, carrying a passenger, had touched down at the Flight Park near Coronet Peak before the Arthurs Point man allegedly “walked up to him, pushed him in the chest, making him step backwards, grabbed him in the throat and yelled numerous obscenities and threats”. 

It’s unclear if the passenger was caught up in the scuffle. 

Meanwhile, a 24-year-old woman was arrested for assault following a fight with another woman after a night out drinking in Queenstown on May 2. 

Cabin break-in 

Cops are investigating a burglary from a cabin at Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park on Monday. 

The cabin’s occupant came home to find someone had used his own log splitter to break down the door and left with the axe and a “small amount” of cash. 

Neighbours saw two people, both wearing hats and dark clothing, leave the area in a 1990s-model Nissan Terrano. 

Drader says the offenders could be known to the man. “We don’t need to be alarmists and say there’re a lot of burglaries in town because there actually aren’t at the moment.” 

Time to slow down 

Cops are reminding drivers to take care on the roads as winter approaches. 

“Because of the warm weather we haven’t had a lot of car crashes or accidents, but that’s about to change – when the temperature decreases we always get a lot more, and a lot of it is because people don’t slow down,” Drader says. 

“When the weather gets worse you drive more slowly.”