Baseball bat attack in Queenstown


Police are investigating a baseball bat attack in Queenstown which left a man with facial and knee injuries.
Queenstown detective Grant Miller, who interviewed the victim today (Friday), says he was assaulted by two people on Frankton Road near Paddy Burton Park opposite Millennium Hotel. 

It occurred about 2.30am on Thursday.

The victim was attacked again soon after by four people – including one wielding a baseball bat - a few blocks further along Frankton Road. 

Detective Miller says the man couldn’t provide a description of the offenders other than one was of large build and a Pacific Islander or Maori. 

The foursome were driving a four-door saloon that was a distinctive bright green colour – similar to the colour of Jucy rental cars or a Green Cabs car. 

“He got approached on Frankton Road in the vicinity of Stanley Street and from what I can gather they assaulted him there and he managed to get away and then they’ve caught up with him again and assaulted him again.” 

Miller says the man called his parents who contacted the police. 

Inquiries are continuing and anyone with any information about the attack should contact police at the local station on 441 1600.