Barman and boss toast truce


Glenorchy residents were treated last Friday to the rare sight of a roadside protester.

Paul Moses, who resigned last month as a barman at the Glenorchy Hotel, was alleging his former employer Tim Brownie owed him $941 in holiday pay.

He says cops allowed him to protest, so long as he was peaceful. He also alerted Mountain Scene. “I’ve got kids to feed, I want my money,” he said.

However, Moses now says he sat down with Brownie this week and realised he also owed his ex-employer after leasing the manager’s house – the result was a $500 payout which Brownie calls a loan.

“At the end of the day I’m happy with what came out of it, and so is Tim.”

So does Moses think his protest brought matters to a head? “I think he sort of dug his heels in a wee bit further.”

Moses was invited to attend Brownie’s partner’s 50th birthday party last night – but says he’s now unemployed and looking for work.