Bar manager allegedly batters patron


A Queenstown bar manager has been arrested after an alleged vicious assault on a patron.

The 32-year-old New Zealander was questioned by police yesterday (Wednesday) after CCTV footage allegedly showed him landing up to 20 punches to the head of a defenceless customer outside the Cow Lane bar.

The long-time bar manager has been charged with assault with intent to injure following the incident last Wednesday, October 17, at 2.30am.

Sergeant Blair Duffy claims: “The footage shows quite a prolonged and vicious assault.

“The victim cops about 20 punches to the head. He is removed from the bar premises by the manager and another member of staff, pushed against a wall, elbowed and punched.

“The victim, who is unknown to us at this time, also gets slapped and punched when he is on the ground. He doesn’t throw one punch back during the assault and is pretty defenceless.”

Police were provided with CCTV footage from a nearby business and began enquiries after viewing it. They have also arrested the second staff member.

“The victim is led away by a third party,” Duffy says. “We haven’t identified who the victim is yet and would like anyone with information to come forward.”

On Tuesday, former Queenstown McDonald’s duty manager Rishi Kumar, 34, was sentenced to seven months’ home detention after attacking a customer. The Fijian national punched, stomped on and football kicked his victim.

“Here we have another situation where a bar manager is facing serious assault charges because he decided to deal with it himself instead of calling us,” Duffy alleges.

Police have seized CCTV footage from the bar. The bar manager is due to appear in court on Monday, November 5.