Bar brawlers’ out on bail


Three Irishmen accused of taking part in a vicious Queenstown bar brawl have been remanded on bail.

Anthony Twomey, 25, Eoin Egan, 24, and Tony O’Sullivan, 25, face a range of different charges after the incident in downtown Buffalo Bar early Sunday morning.

Police allege one patron was attacked with a pool cue, another was injured by a flying piece of the cue and a policeman was assaulted.

The three men – all construction workers living in Riccarton, Christchurch – were bailed without plea when they appeared before a registrar at Queenstown District Court on Monday afternoon.

Officers had been called to the Brecon Street bar at 1.45am.

Sergeant Tracey Haggart, before the men appeared in court, told media: “He’s gone to hit the victim with it [the cue], but an associate was in front of the victim.

“He’s ended up hitting his [the victim’s] associate and a piece of the pool cue has flung into the face of an innocent person at the bar.

“He’s got a deep cut under his left eye – he’s very lucky.”

Twomey faces three charges: assault, assaulting a police officer and assaulting someone using a pool cue as a weapon.

Egan is charged with assault and intentional damage of a van door, while O’Sullivan faces one charge of assault.

Bail conditions for all three include residence at their shared address in Riccarton, a curfew from 10pm to 5am or 6am seven days a week, not to consume alcohol, not to enter licensed premises except supermarkets and not to enter Brecon St or Buffalo Bar.

They are due to appear in Queenstown District Court on November 4.