Bankrupt out in the cold


Undischarged bankrupt Tim Brownie has been kicked out of Glenorchy business premises.

Queenstown landlord Tony Bennetts confirms he changed the locks on Monday at the Glenorchy Motor Park, General Store and Information Centre business Brownie has been involved in for the past two years.

“[Brownie] ended up talking to the police but I was within my rights – they rang me just to make sure nothing was getting out of hand.

“I stayed [at the building] while he moved out personal stuff and then [on Tuesday] he took out his stock.”

Since April the business has been half-owned by Brownie’s partner Maree Robinson – she’s sole director.

A Christchurch firm called Ashworth Trustees owns the other half.

Brownie was bankrupted that same month, barring him from running a business – but locals allege he was still calling the shots until a Mountain Scene story in July.

Bennetts says he terminated the lease because although rent was up to date, “[Brownie] is in breach of his contract. He was the personal guarantor of the original lease and as a bankrupt he can’t be that.”

Bennetts also alleges Brownie had reassigned the lease to a new company without getting his consent to do so.
Mountain Scene was unable to contact Brownie yesterday.