Bankrupt Brownie ordered to pay $9000 to former Glenorchy staffer


The Employment Relations Authority has ordered a bankrupt Glenorchy hotelier to pay more than $9000 to a former staff member. 

The Authority states Glenorchy Hotel boss Tim Brownie – who was placed in bankruptcy last year – owes Pascal Fuster $8008.26 in unpaid wages and holiday pay for two months’ work over the 2008/09 summer. 

Brownie is also ordered to pay $651.05 in interest accrued since January last year and $466.20 in costs including reimbursing Fuster’s advocate, who travelled from Dunedin for last month’s hearing. 

Fuster later returned last year to his home in Switzerland. 

In his decision, Authority member Mike Loftus says Brownie accepted in various emails that he owed the unpaid wages and holiday pay. 

Two days before the hearing, Brownie said he’d pay Fuster on a drip-feed basis if he provided evidence of a valid work permit. 

“There is no substance to the suggestion Mr Fuster did not have a work permit,” Loftus states. 

Loftus notes Brownie didn’t turn up to the July 29 hearing, after yet another excuse: “It is clear that he is aware of the scheduled meeting but has, when it comes to excuses for his non-availability, exhausted every ounce of credibility he may have had.”