It was serendipity.

After 10 years leading different lives, two high school friends crossed paths again at an open mic night.

One thing led to another and K2 the Power was born.

Kieran Callaghan and Karl Austin, both from New Plymouth, played music together through high school and then parted ways.

“We just found each other there again in each other’s company going ‘Oh, this is cool, we should form a band’,” Callaghan says.

K2 the Power, alongside The Extravaganza — a gypsy fair — will perform in Queenstown this weekend.

This is the duo’s second season with the travelling fair, although last time they joined the tour once it had already been through the South Island.

They’re now on their fifth week of an eight-month stint.

Callaghan has high hopes the resort will pull together an interesting crowd.

“We’ve found that places that are more tourist-orientated have heaps of people from all walks of life turn up.”

The singer-songwriters find it hard to categorise their musical style because it’s so eclectic.

They cover music anywhere from the 1920s to the ’90s and write songs about almost anything.

“It’s not an over-exaggeration to say a lot of the things that we write about are quite quirky,” Callaghan says.

From zombie apocalypses to toast (yes, actual toast you eat for breakfast) with a few classic love songs thrown in — they like to keep the audience on their toes.

Recently Austin wrote four brand-new songs in one week — something the pair get to do a lot when they’re not performing or driving.

Callaghan travels the country in a self-converted house truck while Austin arranges his caravan to be pulled by other fair travellers.

The duo are in charge of the stage at The Extravaganza and usually spend about six hours performing at each fair.

Towards the end of the day they will open the stage up to anyone who wants a crack, in the hope that it gives people the opportunity to be heard.

When musical acts aren’t on stage, circus performers and magic shows swoop in.

The Extravaganza is the largest travelling fair of its kind in New Zealand — see  for more.

K2 the Power play this Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 5pm at Queenstown Primary School grounds, free entry