Bag man wanted


Supermarket shoppers warned of prowling thief.

Queenstown cops are on the lookout for a sneak thief who’s been prowling the New World supermarket carpark.

Two local women had their handbags nicked from unlocked cars on Monday while returning trolleys to the store at Remarkables Park.

At 1.40pm, a woman noticed her bag – containing two Sony digital cameras and an iPod – was missing when she returned home to Queenstown.

An hour later, a Lake Hayes female also had a white Portmans handbag whipped from her vehicle while it was parked outside the supermarket.

On this occasion, an Olympus digital camera and a Nokia cellphone were taken.

“The thief must have been sitting out there watching people coming back to their cars and waiting to pounce,” says local constable Sean Drader.

“We haven’t had this sort of thing happening around here before, which is worrying.”

Drader adds: “Someone witnessed the second incident and has given us a good description of a male we think is responsible.

“I’d urge people to lock their cars when they’re doing the shopping from now on.”

Repeat offence

On January 2, there was a second burglary of the festive season at Deco Backpackers in Man Street.

A backpack was stolen from a room, replicating another theft that happened on Christmas Day.

Among other items pinched, the unlucky second tourist lost a camera, phone, MP3 player, passport and air tickets.

“We don’t know if someone reached in the window or got in through the door,” says Drader. “It’s a repeat offence so it’s bound to be the same person who has done this.”

Triple trouble

A New Year trip to Queenstown for a carload of bogans ended with three teenagers being arrested on January 2.
A 19-year-old Alexandra man was charged with assaulting an 18-year-old male from Christchurch after the victim was allegedly punched and kicked in the head during an incident in the town centre.

A friend of the offender, from Clyde, was also nabbed for assault and depositing dangerous litter because he also pushed the victim and threw a glass bottle out of the car as it was driving along Shotover St.

Later that night, another drunken member of the group, also from Alexandra, was charged with trespassing after refusing to leave police station grounds.

“It wasn’t the brightest of ideas,” says Drader.

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