Bad luck of the Irish


Police are on the lookout for an opportunist who nicked four padded Rugby World Cup training tops from the visiting Irish team. 

The blue tackle jerseys (right) went walkies from a storage container on the practice fields at the Events Centre, sometime between September 2 and 7. 

“There was an open training session for the Ireland squad at the grounds on September 4 and it’s possible that someone who was watching somehow got access to the container and stole them for souvenirs,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“The tops have a very distinctive RWC logo on them, which would make them pretty attractive.” 

Drader adds: “We would like to hear from anyone who may have information about what happened.” 

Swoop at airport 

Two Spanish female visitors were collared at Queenstown Airport trying to board a plane with a haul of stolen goods. 

It’s alleged the duo went on a shoplifting spree at a downtown gift shop on September 7. 

It’s claimed the pair nicked various items including a pair of fluffy slippers and wine bottle holders. 

“CCTV footage from the shop was sent to police at the airport and the next day two women were stopped before they boarded a flight,” Drader says. 

“Their passports were seized and they were arrested for theft.” 

Trouser problem 

A man from Tasmania was arrested for tucking a sausage roll down the front of his strides and a packet of sammies down the back at a CBD convenience store. 

The 22-year-old student is alleged to have then tried to leave without paying for the items at the Night ‘N’ Day in Shotover Street at 3.30am on Tuesday. 

“In particular, the sandwiches at the rear must have been a bit of a giveaway,” Drader observes.
“Trousers just aren’t designed for that sort of thing.” 

Czech this 

A chef from the Czech Republic stopped in the early hours of Monday and suspected of drink-driving was discovered to have allegedly outstayed his welcome in New Zealand. 

“A 28-year old man was remanded after the incident in Stanley St because it is believed he is an overstayer,” Drader says. 

“If a chef didn’t turn up for work the next day, that’s why.”
Coat thief on loose 

Police are on the lookout for a man who nicked a jacket from Winnies at 1.30am on Tuesday. 

“The coat was taken from a hook in the bar and the victim managed to get it back when the alleged offender was spotted with it outside,” Drader says. 

“The theft wasn’t reported until a bit later on and by that time the male culprit had gone – but we will be following this up so he hasn’t got away with it yet.”