Bad day at the races


A 26-year-old Queenstown man was taken to hospital after being found at the scene of an accident in Malaghans Road involving a car nicked earlier from Cromwell Races.

The Nissan X-Trail belonging to the New Zealand Racing Board was discovered at 7.45pm last Sunday.

“The vehicle was totalled when it crashed,” local constable Sean Drader says. “It had been driven back to Queenstown after being stolen from the racecourse.

“The alleged offender had to go to Invercargill for an operation because of his injuries.”

Drader adds: “The man insisted he wasn’t the driver and a blood sample was taken from him while he was at hospital.”

Scamsters on prowl

Cops warn people to be wary of a group of women spotted flogging raffle tickets around the resort.

Six or seven females in their 20s aroused suspicion when approaching passers-by in Beach Street on Monday afternoon, claiming they were raising money for the SPCA.

“We do get characters travelling around the country selling Christmas cards and raffle tickets and we like to check them out in case they are up to something dodgy,” Drader says.

“Sometimes it’s ratbags who get up to this sort of thing and if this is the case we try to alert police in other towns that they are doing the rounds.

“We like to let those who do this know that it’s not a good way to make a living.”

Violence and disorder

A 44-year-old Queenstown man was charged with male assaulting a female after allegedly attacking his 34-year-old partner at a local holiday park last Sunday afternoon.

“Police were called to a domestic incident and witnesses said they saw the man punching the woman in the head,” Drader comments.

Meanwhile, two Invercargill males aged 23 and 17 were done for fighting in a public place and an 18-year-old man, also from Invercargill, was arrested for disorderly behaviour after violence erupted in Beach St at 1.28am last Saturday.

Two Queenstown men in their mid-20s were nicked for disorderly behaviour at Fresh Choice supermarket at 6pm last Saturday after smashing property while shopping.

Crash driver wanted

Police want to speak to a man who drove off in a distinctive kit car that smashed into a fence at Lower Stewart St near Frankton Beach at 6.55pm last Friday.

The silver or white off-road vehicle has roll bars, no roof and no registration plate.

“The driver is in his mid-20s with long hair and is over six feet tall,” Drader says.

“It would be better if he came forward and talked to us about what he’s going to do about repairing the fence before we have to find him as this sort of behaviour is not acceptable.”

Fuel theft
Two 20-litre containers of fuel were nicked from premises at Tucker Beach Rd overnight on Monday.

“This isn’t the first time this has happened at this location and we’d like to hear from anyone out there who may have seen something suspicious,” Drader says.