Aussie oaf flops out his own special sauce at kebab shop


Four men were arrested after a drunken fiasco at the Turkish Kebabs shop in Beach Street at 3am last Saturday. 

Cops first collared a 24-year-old Australian tourist for offensive behaviour when he was seen urinating in the shop doorway in front of customers. 

The offender’s two mates were subsequently done for obstructing police and a 20-year-old Queenstown man was also nabbed for offensive behaviour after he tried to fight with one of the Aussies. 

“The local guy thought one of the visitors had accosted him earlier in the evening and decided to start throwing punches,” constable Sean Drader says. “Unfortunately for him, this was done right in front of attending officers. The whole carry-on was pretty dumb.” 

Aussie domestic

A couple from Australia were charged with assaulting each other after scrapping in Queenstown’s CBD at 12.30am last Thursday. 

“They had both been drinking and the woman allegedly kicked and punched her partner before he allegedly smashed her head against the ground,” Drader says.

Cyclist drunk at 9am

A cyclist from Arrowtown who was sozzled at 9am last Sunday was escorted home after crashing into a power pole. 

He then tried to sleep it off at the side of the road. 

“A 28-year-old man was found asleep beside his bike in Devon Street, Arrowtown, and when an ambulance was called he was pronounced drunk by attending paramedics and taken to his house,” Drader says.

Cheers – you’re nicked

A 26-year-old Australian man seen jumping on a car in Camp Street and smashing the wind­screen was arrested for wilful damage – while enjoying a post-vandalism refreshment at a nearby bar. 

“Someone who saw this character allegedly damaging the vehicle followed him to the bar and called police,” Drader comments. 

The incident happened at 7.50pm last Thursday.