Aussie battlers drop in


Keep your eyes on the skies, Queenstown.

Four Aussie fighter jets - the same quartet that raked the skies above the resort on Tuesday night - will buzz downtown Queenstown today at 5pm.

The Hawk trainer jets are in town as a warm-up for this weekend’s Warbirds over Wanaka.

It’s estimated a third of people who attend the airshow stay in the resort.

Event boss Ed Taylor says since the Royal Australian Air Force crew are being hosted at Queenstown Airport they were asked to give the locals a show.

The Aussie jets will feature prominently over the hill this weekend.

Taylor says: “We’ve got two jet features, the Australian Hawks, which are the more contemporary jets, and then we’ve got some classic jets - two Vampires and two Strikemasters.”

Aircraft from Australia, France and United States airforces will be on display.

“There’s a lot of military firepower here this airshow.”