Assault victim’s dad makes plea


The father of a Queenstown assault victim left in an induced coma has appealed for witnesses. 

Jordan Sinke, 26, suffered serious head injuries in Subculture night club, Church Street, at about 3am on Saturday morning. 

Sinke remains in a critical but stable condition in the intensive care unit of Dunedin Hospital after surgery. 

Dad Richard Sinke owns Queenstown’s Dux de Lux bar, which Jordan runs. 

“From his friends who were with him, it just came out of the blue, there was no fight,” Richard says. 

“The family is very distressed and we’re very concerned about the outcomes for Jordan. 

“We’d like witnesses to please come forward and help police with their enquiries.

“It’s a very serious assault. It was a life-threatening assault.” 

Police statements so far say Jordan was standing near a bar close to the games room door. He ended up unconscious after an altercation with another man. 

Police have spoken to a number of witnesses and their enquiries are continuing. About 30 people were in the club at the time. 

Queenstown detective Matt Jones says: “We’re following some positive lines of enquiry and thank the public for their assistance.” 

Richard says his son has worked at Dux for about five years and managed it for the past year. 

“He’s my main man there and doing a good job. Things have been going very well for us over the summer. This certainly has knocked us backwards for a mighty six. 

“His mate was heading off to Australia to work in the mines. He and Jordan were having a farewell drink.
“There’s this real violent core that runs through sections of our society – it’s very unfortunate.” 

So far, nobody has been arrested. 

Anyone with information should contact Queenstown police on 441 1600 or anonymously on the Crimestoppers line 0800 555 111