Artists go by the board


Recycled snowboards are being used for a fundraising art exhibition running at Queenstown Arts Centre from today till Tuesday.

Organised by local snowboard shop NZ Shred owner Jase John, who ran a similar exhibition three years ago, ‘OnBoard’ has attracted about 40 pieces.

“This is not an exhibition of artists, this is an exhibition of people having a go, so you’ll see everything from stickmen to really nice pieces,” John says.

Artists were asked to create pieces that have a connection to snow and more specifically, though not exclusively, snowboarding.

They all contributed $40 to enter, and along with the proceeds of any sales, that money will be split between Jigsaw Central Lakes and Lakes District Air Rescue Trist.

Asked the reason for the exhibition, John says: “A bit of fun, and it’s good to get the community together, and it’s amazing seeing what sort of talent lies just underneath the surface.”

An exhibition opening runs from 7pm tomorrow, but otherwise it can be viewed daily till Tuesday from 9am till 3pm.