Art creation not-so-rubbish


Rummaging in her neighbours’ recycling bins has paid off for amateur Queenstown designer Julie Jenkins. 

The mother of four is a finalist in this year’s famous World of WearableArt Awards Show for her garment,  “Blanket of Snow”, made from about 200 plastic milk bottles. 

Jenkins thought she’d get bottles from the local recycling centre but found they were too crushed and dirty to use. 

“I had friends collect them and on recycling collection day I would also go around the neighbourhood and raid everyone’s bins which is kind of embarrassing, but when I told everybody what I was doing they thought it was great.” 

Jenkins says she’d wanted to enter since she was a teenager but was finally motivated to give it a go by her impending 40th birthday. 

“I always thought I would do it with milk bottles and when I saw a new category, Under The Microscope, I thought ‘snow’.” 

Her main challenge came after she discovered she had six weeks less than she first thought to get her creation finished. 

“The last two weeks I pretty much did nothing else and ignored the kids and the housework.” 

Jenkins’ garment will be unveiled at the WOW Awards Show in Wellington on August 26.