Arrowtown’s going green


Arrowtowners could be dumping chopped-down trees at their own green waste drop-off site in the future. 

The idea was put forward at a Queenstown Lakes District Council Infrastructure Services Committee meeting today (Tuesday) by waste boss Stefan Borowy. 

An estimated 240 tonnes of green waste could be diverted from landfill if the service starts, Borowy’s report states. 

Borowy wants $15,000 from council coffers to go towards developing a site – with a Jopp Street spot lined up – but needs the amount to be rubber stamped in the 2011/12 annual plan. 

If the money is granted, there will still be a long way to go before the green waste gets off the ground – consultation with surrounding residents, resource consents and building the drop-off area is needed first. 

“The $15,000 might not be spent at all in the next financial year,” Borowy told the committee. 

The site would accept tree branches and small stumps, but not other plant material such as flax or leaves since they can’t be mulched. Council will need to stump up $10,000 annually to cover once-yearly mulching costs. 

Similar sites in Glenorchy and Lake Hawea, which open a couple of times a week, are community-run and work on a user pays basis. 

The idea was proposed by councillor Lex Perkins and the Arrowtown Village Association, who would manage the drop-off area. 

But councillor Trevor Tattersfield said the idea “needs to be subject to a firm commitment from the Arrowtown community”. 

Tattersfield abstained from voting when other committee members supported the submission for funding from the annual plan for the green waste drop-off area.